Alliance Members

Havenwood Academy & Zion Hills Academy specialize in treating teen girls ages 12 to 18 suffering from early childhood trauma and attachment issues. Their comprehensive therapeutic methods include EMDR, CBT, Experiential Therapy, and Equine Therapy.

Soulegria is an experiential-based program for adults, 18-26 years old. Through education, on-site work experience, and family-based environment, we model a healthy daily life leading to successful independence.

Sunrise is a residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school that for adolescent girls, ages 13 – 18. At Sunrise, we envision a world where girls make peace with their past, thrive in the present, and move boldly into their futures, for a life of emotional health, personal growth, and independence. 

Evoke Entrada is a traditional Wilderness Therapy Program that uses a nomadic model. Evoke works with adolescents (13-17) and young adults (18 – 28+) of all genders. Evoke focuses on the whole-health of clients and families and provides extensive family support and resources.

TechieForLife (TFL) is a co-ed, residential postsecondary school with a wrap-around career support program. Students with neurodiverse social, emotional and academic challenges such as autism receive mentoring at TFL so they can build social connections, confidence and independence.

Hired Power offers the most personalized professional service of support and companionship for clients and families, dedicated to provide much needed support in the ‘gaps’ of the treatment continuum.

Kolob Canyon RTC specializes in treatment for teen girls ages 14-17 who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma and attachment issues. Purposely small with only 12 students, Kolob Canyon provides healing through intensive therapies, adventure therapy and equine therapy.

Moonridge Academy provides a specialized unique learning and healing environment for younger teen girls ages 11-15. We specialize in treating trauma and attachment isdues through somatic therapies, adventure therapy and equine therapy.

Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy is a coed boarding school that specializes in transition, step-down and practice for students 14-18+. We are designed to help students who are stepping down from a higher level of care such as wilderness treatment, residential treatment or therapeutic boarding.

KW Legacy Ranch is an owner-operated adolescent program based on a working cattle ranch. We work with students ages 12-18 in a family-style atmosphere where strong relationships, lots of animal interaction, and ranch-based projects are paramount to building self-esteem and bringing about lasting change.

Discovery Ranch for Girls is an experiential and relationship based RTC for girls ages 13-17. Through nurturing relationships, and challenging experiences students and their families discover hope, passion and perseverance.

Legacy Outdoor Adventures for Men and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women are treatment center programs for adults 18 – 35.  Wilderness Therapy for adults.  Now accepting insurance! 

The Arise Society guides young adults toward academic success and the development of meaningful, interpersonal relationships, helping them regain a sense of personal pride and self-efficacy that persists well into adulthood.   We strive to replicate typical college life as much as possible, encouraging our students to be active community members and contributors, while affording them a great deal of autonomy and independence.

Diamond Ranch Academy is a clinically sophisticated Therapeutic Boarding School established in 1999. Our normalized approach to treatment allows students to achieve at a high academic level while healing emotionally and behaviorally.

Established in 1993, Redcliff Ascent is a therapeutic wilderness program for adolescents and young adults whose emotional and behavioral development and growth are stalled. RedCliff uses the wilderness to disrupt dysfunctional patterns that have developed over time that impede age appropriate maturity and family relationships.

WinGate combines clinical expertise, the best practices of wilderness therapy and an unmatched approach to treatment to produce lasting internalized change.  WinGate serves both adolescents and young adults.

Ashcreek Academy is a residential treatment center for adolescent males, 13-18 located in Toquerville, UT.  Our mission includes three main points: Character, Challenge, and Community. We work through these things with an Experiential focus, looking through a Trauma lens.

At the Crossroads (ATC) is a co-ed young adult transitional living program located in St. George, UT.  At the Crossroads offers residential housing with full range of individual, group and family therapy, life skills coaching and psychiatric services.